A book a day ? a week ? a month ?

Let me state some axioms first hand :

  • Reading is good for brain.
  • Reading improves knowledge.
  • It improves your chances to succeed on your task.
  • People who read more are generally more knowledgeable and (successful?).

A lot of people I follow and respect often promote reading as many books as possible during a week/month/year. Some say read one book a week , some say two and some go on to recommend reading a book a day.

But here lies my problem. How can my puny brain even process this much of information ? . Can It realistically compile and apply the all the Ideas of that many books. My answer to this (for now) is NO.

I mostly read non-fiction/business/economics/biographies/memoirs. And unlike fiction(which I don’t generally like) these books are very information/data heavy , apply-as-you-read type of books. Applying and processing ideas from 365 books a year seems nearly impossible.

So what’s my sweet spot? Two books a month/One book read twice a month. The latter is generally reserved for superstar/superheavy books like Blue Ocean St. or anything by Mr. Taleb (yes I am a fanboy).

Skimming : I generally never skim books unless if its super boring/cringe-worthy shit (sales books?) .Part of the reason is that I don’t know (the art?) how to skim efficiently.

Whats my favourite medium of consuming books ? Ranking >

  • Kindle ( thank you Bezos and Barrett Comiskey)
  • Audiobooks (with timer for night time, before sleep listening) : Can I make a pulse monitor which detects my heart beat/rate while sleeping and can pause the audiobook automagically ? Cool idea…
  • Paperbacks. (I am a genZ boi who hates paper)

If you know how someone can consume a book a day W/O getting brain clogged please let me know .

footnote: Can we generate a neural network to predict what are the most important parts of a book and compile it into 20 page summary. Or crowd-source all the kindle highlights from the book-readers to predict all the important parts.