Archiving my previous blog and some other projects.


This is the archived version of my previous blog which was hosted on . I made a separate GitHub account to host this static website.

I Used some wget sorcery to make a copy of the whole dynamic website to prepare it for the upload on GitHub pages.

These are the specifics of the command i used :

wget -K -E -r 10 -p -l -N -k -F  -nH

(documentation of Wget)

these are some noteworthy projects from the archive :

Giant ass calculator.    Project Video =>

Using OLED displays.

Controlling the world with Bluetooth.

And some more….

Using a magnetometer.

555 timer alternate led flasher.

Building Cheap AF media centre.

Programming atmega8a with arduino.

A diy Bluetooth boombox (NOT on blog)

I decided to shift to a private hosting due to

  • Cost : who the hell charges $8 a month for WordPress hosting ? My current plan is $25 a year name-cheap hosting and i can host up to three sites on this plan .
  • Control :  independent hosting allows much more control and freedom to what apps and scripts to install .

In future I may give up the cloud hosting too in favour of my own server with a $1.5 p.m. static IP from my ISP and throwing in a raspberry pi or two.

And that was my first post on this new blog,….