There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
~Nelson Mandela
Till now I’ve been playing small all my life. I don’t know weather it was a good thing or did I just wasted 17 years of my life… I’ve developed crappy(but entertaining) apps for the sake making them and have earned some quick bucks on the side. Made and contributed to open source projects for the sake of fun. Built IoT projects and  DIY electronic gadgets as a hobby. I love programming computers and building electronic circuits and gadgets. At this point of my life I have realised that this is my passion. I have a passion(obsession?) for building stuff. Desire to learn, not just for the sake of it but to actually apply what I learn to make shit in the real world . I’ve realised that I am good at analysing problems in depth and building solutions to solve them, but can sometimes get stuck in analysis mode forever. I am a hands on person and learn shit best by doing it.
Now I am facing a dilemma. I value originality extremely high in my life and due to this I’ve fallen into the classic trap of – ‘somebody is already doing it’. After reading numerous books on innovation , entrepreneurship and biographies of many great inventors and entrepreneurs, I’ve come to the conclusion that originality is overrated and that I have to get out this trap to get real shit started ASAP ; just jump into the abyss and figure out how to build a plane on the way (thanks-musk) ; stop analysing and start doing.
As a first step towards my moonshot goal, I have zeroed in on an idea. It is NOT an original idea AT ALL but it has already proven that a market for it exists. I am going to build a SaaS .A candidate screening system to be exact. It is a competitive space but by following the principles I read about in blue-ocean strategy , I think I can bring something unique and innovative to the market (yet to see how the market thinks 🙂 ) .
The main objective of this whole new venture of mine is to do something beyond my limits, learn building large projects and take things to the NEXT LEVEL. Expand as a person, develop things that matter and stop playing small.